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Cook Islands Weddings, Takuvaine, PO Box 60, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, SOUTH PACIFIC
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Sarina Cummings is an independant Wedding Planner who has had many years
of experience, planning weddings for couples from all over the globe.

She started in a Travel Agency where she has a background in travel planning,
hospitality, public relations and wedding co-ordination. Now, you will find her at
Sokala Villas, where she has expanded her experience and knowledge ...

As a wedding planner, Sarina is committed to providing the best product and
services to her clients to suit the style of wedding they require without losing
sight of your budget

Sarina can help you with the many choices that you may have to make your
wedding day one of the most memorable events of your life. With your help we
can bring your dream wedding to reality

"I just love weddings. I'm a romantic at heart and love happy endings. Nothing
compares to the feeling you get from watching a couple look at each other
with love in their eyes. Or that smile. That is magic.

I am here to take away the stress and leave you as a relaxed bride surrounded
by island moments and beautiful memories............"

Enquire now..........

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